Antique Paper Ochre Watercolor


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Antique Paper A Handmade Ochre Watercolor + In the Cedar & Bee Series. It is a lovely medium of ochreous umber. Ideally suited for natural golden warm earth appearance in your art, as well as mixed into a warm natural gessoe. Can make standard white watercolor paper look wonderfully aged. Watercolor size in tin is 2” x 1” x 3/8”. Comes as shown with hand painted chart on tin.

Tips & Tricks~

To make your colors spread quickly always wet the paper with a water mister. Adding salt or oxgall, only one or the other is ever necessary in creating lovely random gradient flow.

If you wish to add sheen to the color while mixing with other tube colors one can add a little wet gum arabic in progess. It always re-wets.

Always work with creating a simple chart for understanding your personal rhythm to a mineral based pigment. Everyone is different, results always vary. The color and intensity will always be the same. When feeling a lack of interest but a need to be painting I will often make a simple unimportant sample to get started in a creative mind set.

For the environmentally sensitive I recommend non latex gloves or finger cut offs when desiring to use your hands. Though it is non toxic one should always be safe in hands on applications.

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I am so pleased with Earth Mineral Arts! The paint quality looks wonderful, so neatly presented, I think I’ll get every color!!! Thank you Margot! 😉😊

I am very pleased with my purchase. All the colors I bough are a pleasure to use. And I love the tins they come in, very nice. Thank you so much.

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