The Personal Watercolor Shell Paint Palette of 12


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The Earth Mineral Arts Handmade Watercolor Palette Create Your Own Set Of 12. Are Handmade Mineral Watercolors from the Cedar & Bee and The Ancient Paint Series. These colors are about the size of a one dollar coin, the watercolor paint comes on shell discs in a mixed media tin. The paint pigment cookie size makes them ideal for trying out new colors with the need to have that extra bit more for completing several full sheet watercolor paintings. The order is per one packaged set of twelve your pick. All colors are in stock for custom order only.

Yellow to Natural Oranges

Yellow of Lotus
Yellow Throat
Goldfinch Ochre (LT)
Raw Sienna
Shell Harp Light
Unicorn Bronze (LT)
Solar Sunflower
Abiquiu Ochre
Sonoran Ochre
Hawk's Rust Orange

Bright Oranges to Natural Earth Reds

Prairie Fire Orange
Bird of Paradise
Cardinal Orange
Opuntia Ochre
Red Bunting Wm
Red Bunting Cl
North Light Magenta (LT)
Rose Crimson (LT)
Heart Wuda (LT)
Campeche Wood

Ultraviolet Red through earth ochres and indigo purple

Violet Flame (LT)
Caldera Violet (LT)
Fairy Wren Rust
Virginia Creeper
Pueblo Cast Iron
Violet Hematite
Caldera Violet2 (LT)
Caldera Violet3 (LT)

The Naturals

Star White
Pure Brass (LT)
Antique Silver Mica (LT)
Grackle Brown
Toltec Umbre
Antique Paper Ochre
Arroyo Ash Slate
Leaf Green2
Lichen & Sage

The Greens

Pine Shade (LT)
Pheasant BG (LT)
Cape BG (LT)
Deep Butterfly Green
Hummingbird Green2 (LT)
Olio Vert (LT)
Rose Leaf
Cedar Berry1 (LT)
Cedar Berry2 (LT)
Stem Green

The Blues to Earth Black

Black Earth Star
Black Graphite (T)
Mixtec Indigo
Mixtec Anil2
Steller Delft
Macaw Blue
Cornflower Blue
Mayolica Blue
Deep Ocean Blue
Cornflower Blue

The Pastel Set

Starling Blue
Lavender Nopal2
Quebracho Pink

The Fluorescent Neon Set

Starfish Yellow
Anemone Orange
Sea Rose
Jellyfish Purple
Blue Reef
Shallow BG

There are 66 colors in all currently. As of 05/28/2019 update.

LT indicates low toxic, T toxic. All the rest are non toxic mineral ochres and oxides. These pigments are not for anything but pure painting with brush pleasure.

All pigments are stable, lightfast industry pigments. You can read more about the individual watercolor pigments in their front page posts or on Instagram.

Currently processing time for your handmade watercolors personally chosen by you take three to four weeks to process with the influx of personalized orders.

Choose twelve watercolor paint cakes they will arrive in their palette gift tin. All ready for you to paint with.

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