Campeche Wood Watercolor


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Campeche Wood Watercolor in a Shell. Is in the Handmade Mineral & Dye Series. Each shell varies according to nature, sizes are selected for a generous double full pan amount of this very magical gift of plant dye from logwood. It comes packaged in a tin with a foil shape on top, no two are alike. As a gift of nature it does require note taking of what you create for doing it again. This dye is lightfast when using alum which turns it purple or lime which can turn it pink/yellow and lemon makes it orange. You can also spray fix the art to give added protection when concerned with lightfastness.

Have fun exploring and thank you for buying handmade watercolors😊❤️

Reviews (7)


Beautiful color and love how this one color can change to multiple different.

This Compeche Wood watercolor paint is amazing. The color, paint quality is super special. I can’t stop using it. ‼️

Of course Earth Mineral Arts popped up all over my handmade watercolor-obsessed instagram stream. I’d had my eye on it for a while. Then spotted a perfect shell of a spellish color I didn’t know... and wow. Campeche Wood is a shapeshifting, lush, almost bruise of a color in moments. Thrilled to have it. Also, as mentioned in other reviews, the packaging love/art is incredible. I was moved by the whole un’boxing’... tin with hand-painted label of my two colors (one of which was a v. generous ‘sample’ of stark, lovely Arroyo Ash), a hand written card & color chart. Over the top beauty & thoughtfulness. Thank you, thank you, Margot. I can’t wait to return for more.

Gorgeous color and so much more paint than I thought! I can't wait to test out the color changing abilities. Simply love everything about this so I had to order more colors! Margot sent a lovely shipping update and I love everything about the packaging. Thank you so much!

I've heard a lot about the interesting color change properties of this paint, so I ordered a sample card that included pure brass along with the Campeche Wood shell. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a little color-change shell kit along with the CW--pure brass and CW mixed with iron oxide. I love experimenting with these! And the CW is just as rich and amazing on it's own. Does not disappoint!

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