Mixtec Anil2 Handmade Watercolor, Fine Professional Paint, Double Full Pans


Shipping to United States: $6.45

Mixtec Anil2 Watercolor In the Handmade Mineral Cedar & Bee Series. This wonderful high grade indigo is completely
light fast. Although coloration can change depending the ph of the mixing water. I always recommend making substantial amounts of swatches for knowing when a color shift is more likely to occur. Comes in a 1” x 2” x 1/2” sliding lidded tin. Ideal for large scale painting.

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Reviews (4)


I ordered two paints, they are both lovely. However, there are a few strings of red hair got stuck in the pans. I ripped the hair off. They don’t affect the performance of the paints, but I’m still weird out by the hair 😳😳😳 (I will probably order from her again, I’m not upset or anything, I’m just a little scared when it comes to other people’s hair…) (edit: Margot offered to replace the pans, I appreciate it but there is no need to waste the good paints. ) (edit #2: Margot insisted to offer me a replacement or a refund, but I declined. The customer service is excellent, I recommend her shop! )

Such a nice shade of blue. Shipped quickly and packaged well. Thank you.

Such a beautiful color and the texture is just amazing. Beautifully packaging and such attention to detail. Already looking forward to my next order.

This Indigo just became one of my top two favorite Indigo watercolor paints. OMGosh, it is so very rich in color and paints like a dream. I am just plain happy I have it. Shipping is very quick and paints are carefully packed. Thank you, Margot. 🙂♥️

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