Easy Practices With Handmade Ochre Watercolors & Custom Ordering

When I am all about being creative there are things that I lay out for myself to be able to see. Of course all the tools and objects are about the artists desk. The following is a list of practices for getting into ones paint work, no matter their favored medium:

To make your handmade ochre watercolors spread quickly, you can always wet the paper with a water misting bottle. Either salt or oxgall can be added to the water bottle to make your colors spread in random patterns or for smooth gradient flow.
If you wish to add a light glossy sheen to a color while mixing with other tube colors, you can add a little extra gum arabic while the paint is wet or in progressive stages of drying.
Creating simple charts of each color allows you to develop a sense of knowing the range and ability of any particular watercolor. When feeling a lack of interest but a need to be painting, I will often make a simple chart to get started in relaxing into a creative mind set. The more you practice at color charts the more intuitive you become with your mineral paints, while also developing natural meditation skills.

When it comes to custom ordering just click on the orange custom order box bar for sending email your inquiry. There are many wonderful ways to put together a paint box to go with a growing important collection of handmade mineral watercolors or a special color that is only produced seasonally. Prices can vary depending on the container, like a lovely old metal compact or plain unadorned tin. And I can have you slip a paint tray into your very favorite box, dimensions are everything of course. Sometimes a container can be too small, so always measure the inside of your box and let me know what you have in mind. Prices can always be worked with.

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