A 20 Watercolor Set in a La Palina Tin


Shipping to United States: $9.95

This is a 20 watercolor set in an antique La Palina cigar tin. This current set comes with the following colors: star white on dominoe, 17 half pans of yellow of lotus, parakeet yellow, solar sunflower, abiquiu ochre, opuntia ochre, lavender nopal4, north light magenta, rose crimson, virginia creeper, stem green, cedar berry1, rose leaf, ethereal lavender, cornflower lavender, cyan, mixtec anil2 and prussian mica storm. The two full pans are of petal pink wm and cornflower blue. They make a great antique flower garden selection of handmade standard watercolors. The price works out at 17 x 11.00 = 187.00 + 18.00 for 1 full pan + 20.00 for the tin + 4.00 for the brush + 6.00 for the dominoe = 235.00. That gives you four dollars off on the tin when purchasing paints and a free gift of a full pan, a twenty dollar savings. Tin size is 5” x 3 1/2” x 1 5/16”. An artists desk favorite paint box.

If you would like to select your own colors please let me know with a custom order request. Or you can purchase what is currently available and receive it in one to three business days.

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Currently there is no first class international for Australia, please inquire of rates before purchasing.

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