An EMA Handmade Watercolor Travel Locket


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An EMA Handmade Watercolor Travel Locket. This unique wearable watercolor locket is designed especially with antique textile and silver beads of the miao cultural society. The threads are hand dyed and hand spun, you can view the threads with a UV light to see the plant dye variation. There are a dozen of these paint lockets, each is different one from the next and are part of this limited edition series for the avid collector.

Watercolor pigments that come in this set are half pans of: solar sunflower, marigold, petal pink wm, hawk’s rust2, mixtec anil2 and olio vert. A set in the south west basin plateau series.

This first one shown comes with the black cotton cord with african vintage married metal beads, sterling accents and flame worked beads created by Donna Nova. The cord by itself is $85.00 the locket as is by itself is $102.00 and has the option of coming with a stylish nickel free lorgnette chain for $40.00 additional. You can email me for a custom order post for your preferences.

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