Shell Harp Light Watercolor


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Shell Harp Light Watercolor A Handmade Mineral Watercolor In the Cedar & Bee Series. A wonderful natural pigment for mixing aged and flesh tones. Comes in a one by two by three eighths inch tin in a gift tin container depending on the size needed for other pigments. Same amount of paint as in two full pans.

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Wonderful pinkish nude colour, even got some colours from free with my order! Lovely helpful seller, that replaced the first order when it didn't arrive, and sent out a new one very very fast. Can only say good things about quality of this wonderful shell harp light and the very helpful and kind seller. Highly reccommend. The shell harp is an investment. Will last me such a long time as it is in a very big pan. And the colour is gorgeous 🌸💕

Lovely color, Thea first showed the color a while ago on the channel and I have been keeping an eye out for this color ever since then. It is exactly what I had been lacking in one of my most recent palettes. Nothing compares to the quality or the color.

OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot believe how much love and attention was put into the packaging of these beautiful products! It was just so incredibly amazing! There were even a few special gifts included. Thank you so much! Amazing products and incredible customer service! Highly recommend! The paints are such a delight to use as well!

What a perfect skin color for a painting I recently did. I love Margot's paints!

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