1/2 Pan Personal Palette Custom Order Watercolors


Shipping to United States: $6.45

This is a custom order post for individual EMA watercolor half pans.

This is how it works--
You have the ability to choose one watercolor half pan or anywhere up to eighteen in this group of colors. Over eighteen half pans discounts apply so please contact me through request custom order for creating your personal post.
All 68 colors are available in this post. The current chart is shown reading from left to right moving downward:

Star White NT
Yellow Mica Light LT
Yellow of Lotus LT
Parakeet Yellow NT
Chick Yellow NT new
Buckskin Yellow LT
Deep Gardenia Yellow LT
Goldfinch Ochre NT
Raw Sienna NT
Solar Sunflower LT
Prairie Fire Orange LT
Marigold LT new
Anemone Orange LT
Bird of Paradise NT

Shell Harp Light LT
Abiquiu Ochre NT
Cardinal Orange NT
Opuntia Ochre NT
Sonoran Ochre NT
Burnt Sienna NT
Hawk’s Rust2 NT

Red Bunting Wm LT
Red Bunting Cl NT
North Light Magenta LT
Rose Crimson LT
Velvet Magenta LT
Petal Pink Wm NT new
Violet Flame LT
Caldera Violet T
Caldera Violet2 T
Caldera Violet3 LT

Jellyfish Purple (fluorescent group) LT
Blue Reef LT
Shallow bg LT
Sea Rose LT
Anemone Orange LT
Starfish Yellow LT

Cornflower Blue NT
Macaw Blue NT
Prussian Blue LT
Prussian Mica Storm LT
Deep Ocean Blue NT
Pheasant bg. NT
Steller Delft NT
Mayolica Blue NT Improved

Cape bg.LT
Pine Shade LT
Deep Butterfly Green NT
Hummingbird Green2 LT
Olio Vert NT
Rose Leaf NT
Cedar Berry2 LT
Cedar Berry1 LT
Lichen & Sage NT
Stem Green NT

Leaf Green2 NT
Antique Paper Ochre NT
Toltec Umbre NT back in stock
Toltec Umbre dk LT
Violet Hematite NT
Grackle Brown NT

Cyclamen1 (botanical pastels) NT
Cyclamen1 & 2 NT
Cyclamen2 NT
Ethereal Lavender NT
Chalked Turquoise NT
Cockscomb Green NT

Black Earth Star NT

Abbreviations are NT- Non Toxic, LT- Low Toxix, T- Toxic.

This standard group of natural and synthetic pigments are all lightfast.

The price is $11.00 for each half pan. When you have decided which colors you want and are ready to check out, go to buy it now. Put in the number desired in the quantity box. Then send me a message listing which colors you want. I will then email you back letting you know when your order will ship. Which can take from one day up to three weeks depending on when needed for replenishing stock. If your order is over twenty or more half pan colors custom orders now may take up to two weeks to complete. You will know all the details up front when we are emailing back and forth.

There is a full color chart shown for availability. They can be ordered random however I do request that if you send me a Custom Order request for nineteen or more half pans, let me know so that I can send quotes for your approval. Discounts are available over two hundred dollars. In the mean time you can let me know if a tin is needed and I will email an image also for your approval. Or you can choose from what tins are available in the shop.

Also it is possible to order full pans at 18.00 each and shell discs which are 6.00 each for creating a variety of sizes to meet your color requirements and prices. For these prices to go with half pans you have to send a custom order request.

World Wide Shipping--

Thank you for supporting my watercolor shop!🌊🌈🎨🖌🌎🌍🌏💙

This review is long overdue and I can't thank Margot enough! This was my first custom order and I highly recommend this option if you don't see the EMA color of your dreams listed or prefer smaller pans. Margot was very prompt with getting back to my initial request and the turn around time ended up being quicker than I expected. Maybe it was just that I ordered at a good time, but really, any further waiting would've been worth it. Much to my surprise, Margot was incredibly generous with certain colors I ordered and then some. I even received a darling complimentary tin to store them at my desk. As for the watercolors themselves, the quality is exceptional as always and I'll keep coming back to support this artist.

Wanted to emphasize that Margot is simply one of the best and caring sellers of handmade watercolors on here, and that the quality of the paint is always top notch as well. Thank you very much!

Beautiful, beautiful colors and excellent experience. Stellar communication!

If you haven't had a chance to experience the quality of watercolors and the care with which Margot attends to you yet, you owe it to yourself to indulge in at least a single half pan if not much more. My request was taken care of with sublime perfection, the watercolors are incredible to work with, and I absolutely give my utmost recommendation for a good, solid self-(art)care splurge on EMA watercolors without any hesitation. I myself will be right back here for another set as soon as my art material no buy ends for sure. <3

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