Pueblo Cast Iron Watercolor


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Pueblo Cast Iron Watercolor In the Handmade Mineral Cedar & Bee Series. Comes in a one by two by three eighths inch sliding lidded tin. A natural earth of hematite. Has all the traditional range of a good earth watercolor mostly hand foraged.

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Reviews (4)


Love them so much! Literally my favorite paints that i own!

I LOVE this paint! It's everything I was expecting and the granulation is absolutely amazing. If you're hesitant to purchase paint from Margot, stop! You need to try it asap.

This is gorgeous paint, it can be varied from deepest dark to palest wash, a spectrum of cool grey-browns. This will definitely be a go to color anytime I need a neutral.

I enjoy this earthy color. It's rich and has a strong presence on the paper. Editing my review to add that this paint is such an anchoring color with texture. I keep sending my brush to this pan with satisfying results. It always helps me achieve what I'm aiming for.

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