EMA Earth Gem Vials


Shipping to United States: $5.15

Earth Gem Vials are between one and three oz. glass corked or screw lid vials with stone minerals listed as the following left to right: selenite flakes, white sands gypsum, crystals of yellow apatite, antique silver mica, lapis lazuli bits, fuchsite, malachite, black mica, peridot crystals, fine powdered malachite, fine azurite sky blue, large bits of lapis lazuli, hematite ore, iron glimmer, black mica and magnetite crystals. Not shown in the new image but still available is crushed lapis lazuli and fine powdered turquoise. At check out please send a message letting me know which bottle(s) you want. If you are an overseas buyer and interested in a variety of different posts and need a quote for custom order please send an email to let me know, the shipping can be better.

Great to collect for crafts and the mineral curio cabinet. Thank you for visiting my watercolor shop🌎🌍🌏

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Beautiful tiny stones, very happy with this second order to Marion.

For me this is a very special gem. I feel so calm using it. I took some of the chips and ground it into my favorite paint ever. Customers might consider Margot's lapis paint. Heaven.

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