A Semi Precious Watercolor Set In A Butter Dish

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A semi precious, metal and plant dye set of hand ground, hand prepared watercolors in a silver butter dish. The colors are:
Double full pan of iron glimmer,
Full pans of pyrite, epidote indigo and campeche wood,
Half pans of violet hematite, pure copper, shungite, azurite course, heart wuda, lavender nopal2, graphite natural element, arroyo ash slate, fuchsite, cerillos turquoise, black azurite, monarda pink2, silver aluminum and azurite dark. They range individually from fifteen up to thirty four dollars each depending on size. It’s a nineteen piece set which also includes the lovely vintage silver plated butter dish from Wm Rogers all at ten percent less as a special spring time offer.

Enjoy exploring the world of unique watercolor applications using and mixing with semi precious, plant dyes and metal mineral pigments. A chart is shown above displaying the many ways semi precious is altered by campeche wood which comes from the ancient heart wood tree of today’s logwood in old mexico. The last chart shows ways the campeche wood can be altered by mixing with other ingredients. It’s also possible to use the inside of the butter dish lid to mix on for achieving mordant which allows for other similar color transformations. It’s the world of watercolor exploration. I hope you enjoy!

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