A Watercolor Artists Antique Box Collection


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This post has been revised as a trio of an antique brass and glass box and a bundle of watercolor paper, with a brass shell box of metal and plant dye watercolors and a travel locket you can place any of your more precious watercolor pigments in for wear.

It is one of those wonderful antique french glass boxes with ornate brass edge work. It does have a missing front handle but other wise is in very good condition. The price is reflective of the missing knob handle. The size is 15.2 x 9 x 7.6 centimeters. Inside depth is 42 millimeters. It’s velvet pad is original but could be replaced or lined if you like placing fun objects or storing precious handmade watercolors in them. The box comes with a block of hand deckled watercolor paper by St. Armand. The watercolors offered in set are epidote indigo in shell, half pans of campeche wood and persicaria t. indigo, copper vitriol4 in full pan and copper vitriol4 in half pan and copper vitriol2 in full pan. The travel locket will hold six half pans or three full pans. The brown cord is comprised of sterling and nickel free components with a large white carnelian accent bead.

Something special for the artists desk. 🎨🖌📚🖼💖

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