Antique Sketchbook DIY


Shipping to United States: $7.65

An Antique Paper & Book DIY Set. In this post you have the option of one of three antique books of victorian paper with covers. Each one comes in a cigar box for the covers, paper, leather or lace added extras. A file folder with two sheets of printed ephemera to help get started with designing and laying out of collage style for the box. The antique paper is rare as most of it is blank. Although some pages still have shadow marks and signatures, this paper can be used to do watercolors on. Just not to heavy on the water content in application. The books are roughly within the duodecimo(12 mo) size range. The brown and red options are both moroccan or marbled goatskin. The orange option is a marbled paper on the cover.

On youtube you can find my video ‘Sketchbook Making From Antique Book Covers & Paper,’ for ideas and suggestions. There is also a video post on Instagram that shows all three books posted for sale here. A finished book your way makes for a lovely addition to your artists desk. In the US your supplies will ship at book rate or mail media.

A lovely artists source from another age.

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