The Claude Lorrain Watercolor Palette


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A Claude Lorrain Watercolor Palette in a Paul Revere Silver Plated Butter Server. It is a silver plated butter dish filled with eight handmade watercolors in double full pans, full pan and half pans of: pine shade, grackle brown, violet hematite, mayolica blue, toltec umbre dk, tlavitl ochre, star white and sonoran ochre. The vintage butter dish has been gently restored with cold solder for the beautiful knob handle at top and has a decorative prehnite pendant wrapped about it. Made to be just that perfect amount of extra watercolor at your artists desk. Just don’t leave it at the holiday dinner table, someone will try to take it home with them!

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This set of glorious neutrals is such a joy to work with! They are beautiful to use together and invite any other pigment colors to play along. I am so fond of the semi precious pigments and handle them with sacred attention. Often I work fast and bold with tube watercolors, but the EMA semi precious watercolors deserve a reverence that slows me down to a contemplative state that lets the beauty of the natural materials speak for itself. Always grateful for the wonderful accessibility, quick service and information available with every purchase! Thank you! 💙

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